Our Valuable Team Members

Anne Bracarello
Anne BracarelloCamp Direc­tor
This will be my 9th sum­mer with Camp Squankum.
Hob­bies: Gar­den­ing, read­ing, spend­ing time with our ani­mals, spend­ing time with fam­ily and friends
Edu­ca­tion: BA Eng­lish — Rowan Uni­ver­sity and MS Instruc­tion — Drexel University
Favorite color: Peri­win­kle Blue
I can­not imag­ine my sum­mer with­out Camp Squankum. From the early stages of plan­ning and cre­at­ing this camp envi­ron­ment up to this com­ing sum­mer sea­son, camp has felt like an exten­sion of my fam­ily. Camp Squankum truly has a part of my heart. I love know­ing that we have helped to cre­ate a pos­i­tive and engag­ing sum­mer expe­ri­ence for our campers.
When I am not at camp, you can find me teach­ing Eng­lish at Rowan Col­lege, Atlantic Cape Com­mu­nity Col­lege, and Cum­ber­land County Col­lege.
Shannon Grim
Shan­non GrimAssis­tant Direc­tor
I have been at camp for 6 years. My hob­bies include play­ing soft­ball and hang­ing out with my friends.
I grad­u­ated from Williamstown High School, and I cur­rently study at Alver­nia Uni­ver­sity and study bio­chem­istry. My favorite col­ors are green and pur­ple. I come back to camp every year because of the fun I have while work­ing with the kids and my fel­low coun­selors.
Damon Redden
Damon Red­denDirec­tor of the CIT pro­gram
Sum­mer 2015 will be my 8th year at Camp Squankum. I vis­ited camp dur­ing year 1 (2007) in a vol­un­teer capac­ity. I was the Head Coun­selor of the Braves bunk for two years and have been the Direc­tor for 5 years. This sum­mer I will be the Head Coun­selor of the CIT program.
I attended Tem­ple Uni­ver­sity as an under­grad and majored in Sec­ondary Eng­lish Edu­ca­tion. I also took an online course dur­ing my teach­ing career in order to obtain my master’s degree in the art of teach­ing. I have been a res­i­dent of Mon­roe Town­ship since the sum­mer of 2001 and have taught Eng­lish at Williamstown High School since 2005. I was born and raised in Philly and I will always love my city, but I now con­sider Williamstown my home.
I love Camp Squankum for the same rea­sons I love teach­ing. The dif­fi­cult times at camp and school can be over­whelm­ing and dis­cour­ag­ing, but the good times are so good, I could not imag­ine doing any­thing else. I also love spend­ing time with my daugh­ter who has been the only camper attend­ing Squankum since the first day. So many won­der­ful peo­ple have come and gone over the years. How­ever, Mr. B seems to always find good peo­ple to replace them.
I love to eat; there­fore, I work hard at the gym to bal­ance my weight. I love to work out in order to chal­lenge myself and I like to work out in groups to expe­ri­ence the strug­gle with oth­ers. My favorite color is blue which works well with my employ­ment at WHS.
I have a feel­ing that 2015 will be an amaz­ing sum­mer at camp!
Danielle Kelly
Danielle KellyLeader the Indi­ans Bunk
I’ve been with the camp for 6 years. Hob­bies: sit­ting on the beach, read­ing, and being a nurse. I went to Mora­vian Col­lege, BSN (grad­u­ated this year); nurs­ing major. Favorite color Aqua blue. I keep com­ing back to camp to see the kids and have as much fun as I can with them! See­ing the campers grow through the years is so ful­fill­ing. I love the atmos­phere. Each sum­mer com­ing back to camp feels like I am com­ing home to my fam­ily!
Tracy Paterno
Tracy Paterno Camp Coun­selor
Tracy is look­ing for­ward to her first sum­mer as a coun­selor at Camp Squankum. She loves being a math­e­mat­ics teacher at Vineland High School. She enjoys spend­ing time with chil­dren. As a camp coun­selor she hopes to get to spend time with chil­dren doing more fun things and less home­work checking.
Tracy is a grad­u­ate of Delsea Regional High School and Richard Stock­ton State Col­lege, where she earned her Bach­e­lor of Sci­ence in Math­e­mat­ics. She is cur­rently pur­su­ing her MA in Math­e­mat­ics Edu­ca­tion from Aurora Uni­ver­sity. Tracy is mar­ried to Angelo Pana­giotopou­los. She has a step­son, and daughter-in-law. She is a yia-yia to three beau­ti­ful, intel­li­gent grand­daugh­ters. Tracy loves ani­mals. She has raised goats and dogs. She cur­rently cares for her pet don­key, Char­lie. On her free time, she enjoys kayak­ing the lakes and rivers of the Pine Bar­rens. Her favorite col­ors are green and blue.
Morgan Richards
Mor­gan RichardsJunior coun­selor in the Braves Bunk
My name is Mor­gan Richards. I have been at Camp Squankum for 8 years. I was a C.I.T. for 3 years and this will be my fifth year as a coun­selor. My favorite color is blue. I love lis­ten­ing to music, going to the beach, and spend­ing time with my friends and fam­ily. I always enjoy com­ing back to camp because of the campers and the other coun­selors. Every year, I am able to have a fun and excit­ing sum­mer because of them.
Kyle Mongelluzzo
Kyle Mon­gel­luzzoHead Coun­selor in charge of Gym
How long have you been involved with camp: This will be my 3rd sum­mer at Camp Squankum. Hob­bies: Hang­ing out with friends, Swim­ming, Beach, Going to the Gym. Edu­ca­tion: High School– Delsea Regional, Col­lege– Rowan Uni­ver­sity. Favorite color: Red What makes you want to work at camp or keep com­ing back: I enjoy work­ing in the pos­i­tive atmos­phere that is held by the staff and the kids.
Daniel Minkon
Daniel MinkonHead Coun­selor
This is my sec­ond year at Camp Squankum. I love to travel, eat, exer­cise, sports, read and spend time with my friends and fam­ily. I have two Bachelor’s degree. One in sec­ondary edu­ca­tion, one in Edu­ca­tion, and a cer­tifi­cate in Spe­cial Needs. I am cur­rently going back to school to get my Master’s in School Admin­is­tra­tion. It has to be a tie between blue and green. The kids and the staff make this camp spe­cial. Never in all my years of being a camp coun­selor have I seen such unity and care for one another.
Alexis Rutter
Alexis Rut­terCamp Coun­selor
My favorite color is lime green & I’m cur­rently a senior at Williamstown High School. I also take select classes at Rowan Col­lege. In the fall, I will be con­tin­u­ing my edu­ca­tion at Rowan Col­lege to become a Diag­nos­tic Med­ical Sono­g­ra­pher. This will be my sec­ond year at Camp Squankum and I couldn’t be more excited. The kids at camp are the num­ber one rea­son I wanted to come back. They’re full of sur­prises and won­der­ful smiles. I can’t wait for another sum­mer here!
Tara Heffner
Tara HeffnerCamp Coun­selor
I’m from Williamstown, born and raised. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psy­chol­ogy from Rowan Uni­ver­sity and I am in my Master’s pro­gram at Rowan Uni­ver­sity to become a School Psy­chol­o­gist. This will be my 6th year at Camp Squankum and I can hon­estly say that I absolutely love my job! I love the kids and the camp atmos­phere! It is also a lot of fun to work along­side my friends each sum­mer. I grew up in town and have played mul­ti­ple sports here. When I am not at camp, you can find me work­ing along­side my fam­ily at R&J Green­houses in the spring grow­ing lots of dif­fer­ent flow­ers! I love spend­ing time with my fam­ily, friends and dog as well. I am always in the kitchen bak­ing all kinds of yummy treats! You can find me on the beach and fish­ing in the sum­mer and snow­board­ing in the win­ter. My favorite col­ors are orange and pur­ple! I hope to one day become a School Psy­chol­o­gist in Williamstown and con­tinue to live in town and travel to dif­fer­ent islands and Dis­ney as much as pos­si­ble! I am really excited for camp this year and I hope to make this sum­mer an awe­some one!
Bobby Scalley
Bobby Scal­leyCamp Coun­selor
This will be my first year work­ing at Camp Squankum. I am a sports enthu­si­ast. Hockey would be my main sport but I also love soc­cer, lacrosse, vol­ley­ball and golf. Recently grad­u­ated from Rowan Uni­ver­sity with a bachelor’s degree in sec­ondary ed for Math­e­mat­ics. My Favorite color is Green. I always loved going to work at camps as a kid. Now, as a coun­selor, I will still be able to be a part of that expe­ri­ence for other chil­dren.
Taylor Richards
Tay­lor RichardsJunior Coun­selor
Involve­ment in camp: I used to be a camper myself but now I am going to be a junior coun­selor. Hob­bies: I enjoy read­ing, trav­el­ing, bak­ing and spend­ing time with my friends and fam­ily. Edu­ca­tion: I am going to be a senior at Williamstown high school. Favorite color: my favorite color is green. What makes me want to come to camp: I remem­ber hav­ing lots of fun as a camper myself and I want to help make other kids have a fun enjoy­able sum­mer!!
Lyndsey O'Neill
Lyn­d­sey O’NeillAssis­tant coun­selor
I’ve been involved with camp since year 1. First as a camper, then a CIT, and now a coun­selor for the past 4 years. My hob­bies: Read­ing, craft­ing, and play­ing musi­cal instruments/marching band –Cur­rently study­ing at the Uni­ver­sity of New Haven. Favorite color is pur­ple. I love the envi­ron­ment and peo­ple of camp squankum so much that I always come back. Being involved since year one, I’ve seen the camp grow into some­thing great. I love see­ing new campers, but I love see­ing the return­ers just as much. We have lots of fun, and I think I have the best job in the world being able to play with kids all day every day!
Tia Thomas
Tia ThomasCamp coun­selor
Hi I’m Miss Tia, I’ve been at Camp Squankum since its pilot year. I started as a CIT. I enjoy the gym and spend­ing time with fam­ily and friends. I just fin­ished my junior year as a sec­ondary edu­ca­tion major with Math con­cen­tra­tion. I do love camp, it’s such a fun expe­ri­ence and to see so many of the kids start off as “Indi­ans” and move up to other bunks makes me feel like we, as a staff, have a great impact on them and make their sum­mer a lit­tle more fun.
Melissa Masino
Melissa MasinoArts and Crafts Head Coun­selor
Sum­mer 2015 will be my first year with Camp Squankum! On my spare time I enjoy spend­ing time with my friends and fam­ily, watch­ing movies, col­or­ing, “relax­ing in the sum­mer sun,” vis­it­ing his­tor­i­cal places and trav­el­ing when I can. I recently grad­u­ated Rowan Uni­ver­sity with sec­ondary edu­ca­tion and his­tory. I am also cer­ti­fied in spe­cial edu­ca­tion. My favorite color varies, but pur­ple always seems to win at the end of the day. One of my biggest inter­est (besides old his­tory stuff) is Dis­ney! You will quickly see how much I love talk­ing about any­thing Dis­ney (any­one catch the Frozen lyrics yet?). My all-time favorite Dis­ney Princess is Cin­derella and Min­nie Mouse is my absolute favorite clas­sic char­ac­ter. I am so excited to be join­ing the Camp Squankum fam­ily! I have a pas­sion for con­tin­u­ous learn­ing and work­ing with kids. I have grown up in Williamstown my entire life and did not have the oppor­tu­nity to attend such a won­der­ful pro­gram that the town­ship puts together over the sum­mer. I look for­ward to being part of an awe­some pro­gram that will cre­ate some of your best sum­mer mem­o­ries!
Alexan­der SkalskiCamp coun­selor
“I’m Alex and I teach Spe­cial Edu­ca­tion Chem­istry at Kingsway Regional High School. I recently grad­u­ated from Rowan U in 2013. (The fact that I won’t be able to use the word “recently” soon is start­ing to hurt a lit­tle.) I’ve worked at numer­ous sport and bible camps in the past, but this here is going to be my first year at Camp Squankum. I’m noto­ri­ous for bring­ing a lot of energy to camp and hav­ing the campers tired by the end of the day. I excited for sum­mer and am look­ing for­ward to meet­ing all the campers!“
Sam Lardi
Sam LardiAssis­tant coun­selor
This will be my eighth sum­mer with Camp Squankum and my sev­enth as a counselor.
My hob­bies include bak­ing, craft­ing, and going to the beach. I am start­ing my fifth year in a six year pro­gram where I will be receiv­ing my B.S. in Busi­ness and Engi­neer­ing with a Con­cen­tra­tion in Account­ing and a M.S. in Teach­ing, Learn­ing, and Cur­ricu­lum for PreK-4 at Drexel Uni­ver­sity. My favorite color is yel­low. I keep com­ing back to camp because I love get­ting to work with all the campers, new and old, every sum­mer!
Katherine Bond
Kather­ine BondAssis­tant Direc­tor CIT Pro­gram
HI! Wel­come to Camp Squankum! My name is Miss Katie and this is my 6th year at camp. My favorite part of camp is going on field trips and swim­ming at hos­pi­tal­ity creek. Camp Squankum is like a sec­ond fam­ily to me and we have a great time each year mak­ing new friend­ships and mem­o­ries. I can’t wait for the fun to start! I went to Rowan Uni­ver­sity and have a BA in bio­log­i­cal sci­ences and BA in k-12 Edu­ca­tion and Spe­cial Edu­ca­tion. Favorite color green. Hob­bies are swim­ming in my pool, rid­ing my bike, and going to the beach.