Our Valuable Team Members

Anne Bracarello
Anne BracarelloCamp Director
This will be my 9th summer with Camp Squankum.
Hobbies: Gardening, reading, spending time with our animals, spending time with family and friends
Education: BA English – Rowan University and MS Instruction – Drexel University
Favorite color: Periwinkle Blue
I cannot imagine my summer without Camp Squankum. From the early stages of planning and creating this camp environment up to this coming summer season, camp has felt like an extension of my family. Camp Squankum truly has a part of my heart. I love knowing that we have helped to create a positive and engaging summer experience for our campers.
When I am not at camp, you can find me teaching English at Rowan College, Atlantic Cape Community College, and Cumberland County College.
Shannon Grim
Shannon GrimAssistant Director
I have been at camp for 6 years. My hobbies include playing softball and hanging out with my friends.
I graduated from Williamstown High School, and I currently study at Alvernia University and study biochemistry. My favorite colors are green and purple. I come back to camp every year because of the fun I have while working with the kids and my fellow counselors.
Damon Redden
Damon ReddenDirector of the CIT program
Summer 2015 will be my 8th year at Camp Squankum. I visited camp during year 1 (2007) in a volunteer capacity. I was the Head Counselor of the Braves bunk for two years and have been the Director for 5 years. This summer I will be the Head Counselor of the CIT program.
I attended Temple University as an undergrad and majored in Secondary English Education. I also took an online course during my teaching career in order to obtain my master’s degree in the art of teaching. I have been a resident of Monroe Township since the summer of 2001 and have taught English at Williamstown High School since 2005. I was born and raised in Philly and I will always love my city, but I now consider Williamstown my home.
I love Camp Squankum for the same reasons I love teaching. The difficult times at camp and school can be overwhelming and discouraging, but the good times are so good, I could not imagine doing anything else. I also love spending time with my daughter who has been the only camper attending Squankum since the first day. So many wonderful people have come and gone over the years. However, Mr. B seems to always find good people to replace them.
I love to eat; therefore, I work hard at the gym to balance my weight. I love to work out in order to challenge myself and I like to work out in groups to experience the struggle with others. My favorite color is blue which works well with my employment at WHS.
I have a feeling that 2015 will be an amazing summer at camp!
Danielle Kelly
Danielle KellyLeader the Indians Bunk
I’ve been with the camp for 6 years. Hobbies: sitting on the beach, reading, and being a nurse. I went to Moravian College, BSN (graduated this year); nursing major. Favorite color Aqua blue. I keep coming back to camp to see the kids and have as much fun as I can with them! Seeing the campers grow through the years is so fulfilling. I love the atmosphere. Each summer coming back to camp feels like I am coming home to my family!
Tracy Paterno
Tracy Paterno Camp Counselor
Tracy is looking forward to her first summer as a counselor at Camp Squankum. She loves being a mathematics teacher at Vineland High School. She enjoys spending time with children. As a camp counselor she hopes to get to spend time with children doing more fun things and less homework checking.
Tracy is a graduate of Delsea Regional High School and Richard Stockton State College, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She is currently pursuing her MA in Mathematics Education from Aurora University. Tracy is married to Angelo Panagiotopoulos. She has a stepson, and daughter-in-law. She is a yia-yia to three beautiful, intelligent granddaughters. Tracy loves animals. She has raised goats and dogs. She currently cares for her pet donkey, Charlie. On her free time, she enjoys kayaking the lakes and rivers of the Pine Barrens. Her favorite colors are green and blue.
Morgan Richards
Morgan RichardsJunior counselor in the Braves Bunk
My name is Morgan Richards. I have been at Camp Squankum for 8 years. I was a C.I.T. for 3 years and this will be my fifth year as a counselor. My favorite color is blue. I love listening to music, going to the beach, and spending time with my friends and family. I always enjoy coming back to camp because of the campers and the other counselors. Every year, I am able to have a fun and exciting summer because of them.
Kyle Mongelluzzo
Kyle MongelluzzoHead Counselor in charge of Gym
How long have you been involved with camp: This will be my 3rd summer at Camp Squankum. Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, Swimming, Beach, Going to the Gym. Education: High School- Delsea Regional, College- Rowan University. Favorite color: Red What makes you want to work at camp or keep coming back: I enjoy working in the positive atmosphere that is held by the staff and the kids.
Daniel Minkon
Daniel MinkonHead Counselor
This is my second year at Camp Squankum. I love to travel, eat, exercise, sports, read and spend time with my friends and family. I have two Bachelor’s degree. One in secondary education, one in Education, and a certificate in Special Needs. I am currently going back to school to get my Master’s in School Administration. It has to be a tie between blue and green. The kids and the staff make this camp special. Never in all my years of being a camp counselor have I seen such unity and care for one another.
Alexis Rutter
Alexis RutterCamp Counselor
My favorite color is lime green & I’m currently a senior at Williamstown High School. I also take select classes at Rowan College. In the fall, I will be continuing my education at Rowan College to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. This will be my second year at Camp Squankum and I couldn’t be more excited. The kids at camp are the number one reason I wanted to come back. They’re full of surprises and wonderful smiles. I can’t wait for another summer here!
Tara Heffner
Tara HeffnerCamp Counselor
I’m from Williamstown, born and raised. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rowan University and I am in my Master’s program at Rowan University to become a School Psychologist. This will be my 6th year at Camp Squankum and I can honestly say that I absolutely love my job! I love the kids and the camp atmosphere! It is also a lot of fun to work alongside my friends each summer. I grew up in town and have played multiple sports here. When I am not at camp, you can find me working alongside my family at R&J Greenhouses in the spring growing lots of different flowers! I love spending time with my family, friends and dog as well. I am always in the kitchen baking all kinds of yummy treats! You can find me on the beach and fishing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. My favorite colors are orange and purple! I hope to one day become a School Psychologist in Williamstown and continue to live in town and travel to different islands and Disney as much as possible! I am really excited for camp this year and I hope to make this summer an awesome one!
Bobby Scalley
Bobby ScalleyCamp Counselor
This will be my first year working at Camp Squankum. I am a sports enthusiast. Hockey would be my main sport but I also love soccer, lacrosse, volleyball and golf. Recently graduated from Rowan University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary ed for Mathematics. My Favorite color is Green. I always loved going to work at camps as a kid. Now, as a counselor, I will still be able to be a part of that experience for other children.
Taylor Richards
Taylor RichardsJunior Counselor
Involvement in camp: I used to be a camper myself but now I am going to be a junior counselor. Hobbies: I enjoy reading, traveling, baking and spending time with my friends and family. Education: I am going to be a senior at Williamstown high school. Favorite color: my favorite color is green. What makes me want to come to camp: I remember having lots of fun as a camper myself and I want to help make other kids have a fun enjoyable summer!!
Lyndsey O'Neill
Lyndsey O'NeillAssistant counselor
I’ve been involved with camp since year 1. First as a camper, then a CIT, and now a counselor for the past 4 years. My hobbies: Reading, crafting, and playing musical instruments/marching band -Currently studying at the University of New Haven. Favorite color is purple. I love the environment and people of camp squankum so much that I always come back. Being involved since year one, I’ve seen the camp grow into something great. I love seeing new campers, but I love seeing the returners just as much. We have lots of fun, and I think I have the best job in the world being able to play with kids all day every day!
Tia Thomas
Tia ThomasCamp counselor
Hi I’m Miss Tia, I’ve been at Camp Squankum since its pilot year. I started as a CIT. I enjoy the gym and spending time with family and friends. I just finished my junior year as a secondary education major with Math concentration. I do love camp, it’s such a fun experience and to see so many of the kids start off as “Indians” and move up to other bunks makes me feel like we, as a staff, have a great impact on them and make their summer a little more fun.
Melissa Masino
Melissa MasinoArts and Crafts Head Counselor
Summer 2015 will be my first year with Camp Squankum! On my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, watching movies, coloring, “relaxing in the summer sun,” visiting historical places and traveling when I can. I recently graduated Rowan University with secondary education and history. I am also certified in special education. My favorite color varies, but purple always seems to win at the end of the day. One of my biggest interest (besides old history stuff) is Disney! You will quickly see how much I love talking about anything Disney (anyone catch the Frozen lyrics yet?). My all-time favorite Disney Princess is Cinderella and Minnie Mouse is my absolute favorite classic character. I am so excited to be joining the Camp Squankum family! I have a passion for continuous learning and working with kids. I have grown up in Williamstown my entire life and did not have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful program that the township puts together over the summer. I look forward to being part of an awesome program that will create some of your best summer memories!
Alexander SkalskiCamp counselor
“I’m Alex and I teach Special Education Chemistry at Kingsway Regional High School. I recently graduated from Rowan U in 2013. (The fact that I won’t be able to use the word “recently” soon is starting to hurt a little.) I’ve worked at numerous sport and bible camps in the past, but this here is going to be my first year at Camp Squankum. I’m notorious for bringing a lot of energy to camp and having the campers tired by the end of the day. I excited for summer and am looking forward to meeting all the campers!”
Sam Lardi
Sam LardiAssistant counselor
This will be my eighth summer with Camp Squankum and my seventh as a counselor.
My hobbies include baking, crafting, and going to the beach. I am starting my fifth year in a six year program where I will be receiving my B.S. in Business and Engineering with a Concentration in Accounting and a M.S. in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum for PreK-4 at Drexel University. My favorite color is yellow. I keep coming back to camp because I love getting to work with all the campers, new and old, every summer!
Katherine Bond
Katherine BondAssistant Director CIT Program
HI! Welcome to Camp Squankum! My name is Miss Katie and this is my 6th year at camp. My favorite part of camp is going on field trips and swimming at hospitality creek. Camp Squankum is like a second family to me and we have a great time each year making new friendships and memories. I can’t wait for the fun to start! I went to Rowan University and have a BA in biological sciences and BA in k-12 Education and Special Education. Favorite color green. Hobbies are swimming in my pool, riding my bike, and going to the beach.