End of Camp Surveys 

My son thor­oughly enjoyed every day of camp. The coun­selors inter­acted with the campers as one big fam­ily. Hos­pi­tal­ity Creek was a big plus and the day trip activ­i­ties made the camp even more enjoy­able. Camp and being a CIT was a won­der­ful learn­ing and matur­ing expe­ri­ence for my son. He did not want camp to end. He loved every minute. Thank you for a won­der­ful sum­mer experience!


Very Good!! She enjoyed every aspect of the day. Using all the local areas: Park, play­ground, swim­ming, and the Mid­dle School for edu­ca­tion as well as fun/athletics was great! She came home every­day with a new song, a new word in Span­ish, or a story from the fun day that she had. The Fri­day picnics/cookouts were excel­lent and enjoy­able for her. All the extra trips were a good idea and she enjoyed the ones that she went on.


I am so pleased with this ven­ture. Kudos to every­one involved! My daugh­ter told me just the other day that this has been the best sum­mer of her life (all 7 years). Being a work­ing mother means that my daugh­ter had yet to enjoy a sum­mer like I enjoyed my sum­mers as a child. UNTIL NOW! All of you had such a won­der­ful impact on my child. Thank you for tak­ing such good care of her this sum­mer. We hope to see all of you next summer.


My chil­dren truly loved Camp Squankum and all the coun­selors. They loved going to Hos­pi­tal­ity Creek and loved the cook­outs! The fact that the kids were always active and always had some­thing to do made them happy as well. Another great part is that the coun­selors played with the kids instead of just watch­ing. I only have great things to say!


Camp Squankum has been a won­der­ful expe­ri­ence for my son. He loved it and so did I. The field trips and days at Hos­pi­tal­ity Creek made it espe­cially great, although he enjoyed it all. I hope it con­tin­ues for years to come, as it has been a won­der­ful alter­na­tive to day­care, yet equally as afford­able! I would def­i­nitely strongly rec­om­mend it to anyone!


My daugh­ter had a great sum­mer thanks to every­one at Camp Squankum. It’s sad it’s over. Every­day was a plea­sure. Espe­cially all the won­der­ful help. She got to go places that she hadn’t been before and places that I have a hard time find­ing time to take her. Also the swim­ming was great as Hos­pi­tal­ity Creek. She had so much fun. Fri­day cook­outs were great. It was a day that I didn’t have to pack lunch. Also the t-shirts were great. Didn’t have to worry too much about cloth­ing. Quick and easy.


My daugh­ter had a very pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence. When I asked her, she told me that it was the best camp ever and that she wanted to go again next year; that she had a lot of fun and that she was going to miss it. As a par­ent I feel that every­one did a great job. The camp was def­i­nitely an asset to the com­mu­nity. Jim Bon­der, Dan Doo­ley and the rest of the staff did a won­der­ful job. Thank you all many times over. You touched many children’s lives and made spe­cial mem­o­ries for them all. Many thanks again. Great Job!


She enjoyed the entire expe­ri­ence. We were con­cerned about the 9–4 hours because she has never been away from home for that long. Yet she made a point to be present every day. She even men­tioned Camp dur­ing our vaca­tion in Punta Cana and said she missed every­one there. She loved Camp Squankum. We felt very con­fort­able send­ing her to your camp and on the field trips.

D. & L.

Our chil­dren loved Camp Squankum. They made so many friends not only with the campers but with the staff also!! Every­day they were excited to go and when I picked them up they had plenty of sto­ries of all the fun things they did. Of course their favorite times were swim­ming and the very cool field trips. They were in another camp last year and the activ­i­ties and trips could not com­pare to Camp Squankum! As work­ing par­ents our first pri­or­ity is to know that our kids are safe and taken care of. Camp Squankum pro­vided us with peace of mind every day. Thank you for all your hard work this sum­mer. They can’t wait until next summer.


Our chil­dren had a great expe­ri­ence in the camp. They enjoyed the trips. I per­son­ally feel that the coun­selors were won­der­ful with the kids. Any issues I had with my kids, I feel the coun­selors took seri­ously and did every­thing they could to resolve them. We look for­ward to next sum­mer. Thank you for giv­ing my hus­band and I the com­fort of know­ing that our girls were well taken care of!


My son looked for­ward to going to camp. He always told me how much fun he had and what activites he did dur­ing the day. He really enjoyed the trips to the Cape May Zoo and the Aquar­ium. He loves ani­mals! He met new friends and he expe­ri­enced new things in a dif­fer­ent envi­ron­ment. I hope this first year was a suc­cess! He wants to go to camp next year!