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Camp Squankum is spon­sored by the Depart­ment of Parks and Recre­ation. It is a day camp that offers the youth of our town a mul­ti­tude of activ­i­ties includ­ing sports, swim­ming, clubs, arts and crafts, music, day trips, and much more.
Our camp coun­selors are Highly Qual­i­fied Teach­ers that are com­mit­ted to the camp’s phi­los­o­phy to offer an enriched and excit­ing pro­gram that encour­ages our campers to engage in new phys­i­cal and cre­ative activ­i­ties and to develop mean­ing­ful friendships.If the objec­tive for your child is to have a fun relax­ing sum­mer, to meet new friends, and to have new expe­ri­ences then Camp Squankum is the place for you.Click on the links below to see many of the dif­fer­ent adven­tures that our campers expe­ri­enced last year.Come and find out why our kids can­not wait for the sum­mer to begin.We invite you to learn about our camp by attend­ing one of our Open Houses.Sincerely,Jim Bon­derDirec­tor, Parks and Recre­ation To Reg­is­ter for Camp Squankum , click here

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Camp Facts

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