End of Camp Surveys

My son thoroughly enjoyed every day of camp. The counselors interacted with the campers as one big family. Hospitality Creek was a big plus and the day trip activities made the camp even more enjoyable. Camp and being a CIT was a wonderful learning and maturing experience for my son. He did not want camp to end. He loved every minute. Thank you for a wonderful summer experience!


Very Good!! She enjoyed every aspect of the day. Using all the local areas: Park, playground, swimming, and the Middle School for education as well as fun/athletics was great! She came home everyday with a new song, a new word in Spanish, or a story from the fun day that she had. The Friday picnics/cookouts were excellent and enjoyable for her. All the extra trips were a good idea and she enjoyed the ones that she went on.


I am so pleased with this venture. Kudos to everyone involved! My daughter told me just the other day that this has been the best summer of her life (all 7 years). Being a working mother means that my daughter had yet to enjoy a summer like I enjoyed my summers as a child. UNTIL NOW! All of you had such a wonderful impact on my child. Thank you for taking such good care of her this summer. We hope to see all of you next summer.


My children truly loved Camp Squankum and all the counselors. They loved going to Hospitality Creek and loved the cookouts! The fact that the kids were always active and always had something to do made them happy as well. Another great part is that the counselors played with the kids instead of just watching. I only have great things to say!


Camp Squankum has been a wonderful experience for my son. He loved it and so did I. The field trips and days at Hospitality Creek made it especially great, although he enjoyed it all. I hope it continues for years to come, as it has been a wonderful alternative to daycare, yet equally as affordable! I would definitely strongly recommend it to anyone!


My daughter had a great summer thanks to everyone at Camp Squankum. It’s sad it’s over. Everyday was a pleasure. Especially all the wonderful help. She got to go places that she hadn’t been before and places that I have a hard time finding time to take her. Also the swimming was great as Hospitality Creek. She had so much fun. Friday cookouts were great. It was a day that I didn’t have to pack lunch. Also the t-shirts were great. Didn’t have to worry too much about clothing. Quick and easy.


My daughter had a very positive experience. When I asked her, she told me that it was the best camp ever and that she wanted to go again next year; that she had a lot of fun and that she was going to miss it. As a parent I feel that everyone did a great job. The camp was definitely an asset to the community. Jim Bonder, Dan Dooley and the rest of the staff did a wonderful job. Thank you all many times over. You touched many children’s lives and made special memories for them all. Many thanks again. Great Job!


She enjoyed the entire experience. We were concerned about the 9-4 hours because she has never been away from home for that long. Yet she made a point to be present every day. She even mentioned Camp during our vacation in Punta Cana and said she missed everyone there. She loved Camp Squankum. We felt very confortable sending her to your camp and on the field trips.

D. & L.

Our children loved Camp Squankum. They made so many friends not only with the campers but with the staff also!! Everyday they were excited to go and when I picked them up they had plenty of stories of all the fun things they did. Of course their favorite times were swimming and the very cool field trips. They were in another camp last year and the activities and trips could not compare to Camp Squankum! As working parents our first priority is to know that our kids are safe and taken care of. Camp Squankum provided us with peace of mind every day. Thank you for all your hard work this summer. They can’t wait until next summer.


Our children had a great experience in the camp. They enjoyed the trips. I personally feel that the counselors were wonderful with the kids. Any issues I had with my kids, I feel the counselors took seriously and did everything they could to resolve them. We look forward to next summer. Thank you for giving my husband and I the comfort of knowing that our girls were well taken care of!


My son looked forward to going to camp. He always told me how much fun he had and what activites he did during the day. He really enjoyed the trips to the Cape May Zoo and the Aquarium. He loves animals! He met new friends and he experienced new things in a different environment. I hope this first year was a success! He wants to go to camp next year!