Soccer Tourney, Birthday, Softball Game, etc...
For Office Use Only
For Office Use Only

Insurance Requirement

Any School, business, non-profit organization or Resident/others must provide certificate of liability naming the township of Monroe as Additional insure. Use of a pavilion does not require insurance.
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If you are granted a permit it will be Under the following conditions:

1. All rules and regulations are to be followed that include State and township ordinances and park regulations.

2. The group accepts responsibility, for the conduct of all that are attending your event. The “Code of Conduct” set by the New Jersey State Law.

3. The group understands that the Parks and Recreation Department has the right to close specific areas due to conditions beyond our control.

4. Absolutely NO Soft Toss against the fences will be permitted.

5. Under NO circumstances will the use of shovels, brooms, rakes be allowed to alter the field.

6. Under NO circumstances will the use of a vehicle be allowed on the field.

7. All trash is to be placed in trash containers. Nothing shall be left in dug outs, stands or pavilions.

8. No Alcoholic beverages or Inflatables will be permitted on parks grounds.

9. There is no electric or water provided.

10. BYOG Bring your own Grill!

11. Any charges occurred for maintenance or clean up by the Parks and Recreation department for the failure to follow the Rules may be charged back to the group.

12. If you are requesting permits for a pavilion, the permit is for the pavilion ONLY. Other areas may also be occupied by residents.

13. The group understands that “Parking Rules” are “Strictly Enforced” and illegally parked vehicles may be towed or ticketed.

14. All procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the Parks & Department.

15. Failure to follow rules may result in loss in permit, fine or both.

16. First time users of the facilities must come in the office to sign their agreement

“Respect Our Facilities and Honor the Game”